Dr. Gonzalo Jiménez Seminario

Founder & CEO, Proteus

Gonzalo Jiménez is Founding Partner at PROTEUS, a 20-professionals strategy & governance consulting firm (est. 1995) advising leading family business groups in Latin America. He is also Chapter Director of The Family Business Network. He is an independent board member of 3 diversified family business groups, a mentor to CEOs and presidents and a trusted counselor to boards on strategy, governance, and succession issues. He is also the Said Chair Professor of Corporate Strategy, Corporate Governance & Family Business, and Director of the Centre of Corporate Governance & Enterprising Families at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) –the top business school in innovation and entrepreneurship of Latin America Chile. Previously, he held for 10 years the von Appen Chair in Family Business at Adolfo Ibáñez University, and was director and consultant of telecommunications companies in Chile, France and the UK